Arsenal gets epic victory over Madrid

Thierry Henry made a fantastic goal in Arsenal's 1-0 upset victory over Real Madrid in the Champions League yesterday. At the same time, Italian AC Milan ended Bayern Munich's 15-clash winning streak at home with a 1-1 draw.

It's important to notice that it's the first time an English club has won at Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu scenario.

"For a really long time, I didn't see an Arsenal squad like that," Henry noticed. "We were brilliant defensively, but more importantly we were not scared to play. You see that as soon as Arsenal is not scared to play, we can play good football."

In fact, Real Madrid manager Juan Ramon Lopez has praised Arsenal’s excellent 1-0 victory over his squad last night in a packed Bernabeu.

Arsenal can have won by more but their 1-0 away victory now gives them a great opportunity to progress to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

"We were strong at the start of the match but they began to change that by stealing the ball and launching explosive counter attacks, although we still had c to score and win,” Lopez noticed.