Wenger angry with the "negative football"

Arsenal boss man Arsene Wenger is fed up of the negative tactics rivals are using against his team.

Indeed, their last Premiership game saw them working hard for a 1-1 draw against Everton at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday after falling behind to an early Tim Cahill goal.

Dutch striker Robin van Persie's 71st-minute free-kick rescued a point for Arsenal, but Wenger felt Everton's approach ruined the clash as a spectacle.

The Frenchman claims: "Every game we don't win is a massive disappointment.

"I have to say that it was very frustrating against a team with zero shots on or off target and when you have 70 per cent of the ball.

"We all saw that from the first minute to the last the goalkeeper was placing goal-kicks from the left and then moving them to the right.

"They were standing in front of the ball at free-kicks. It was negative but that's the way the match is going at the moment.

"It's like a film you have seen ten times. It is becoming really boring.

However, the coach said a final phrase that suggest many things: "In fact, I have nothing against negative football if it is played with the right spirit."